2014 VCR by Player

For an overview of VCR, please read “Introducing VCR: Value/Cap Ratio, a Return on Investment (ROI) Metric for the NFL”. 

The chart below lists out all the players who had cap hits of at least $420,000 in the 2014 season, their Approximate Value for the season and their resulting VCRs. As explained in VCR Part III: Using VCR to Evaluate Players, VCR is best utilized to compare players who are in similar salary ranges. Thank you to Jason Fitzgerald of overthecap.com for providing the salary cap amounts in a user-friendly format. For a deep dive into VCR by contract type (rookie, veteran, free agent etc.) read Value/Cap Ratio (VCR) Part II: Digging into VCR by Contract Type.

Note: A player’s dead cap is included in his VCR calculation, even if his former team is absorbing that dead cap.

1. Russell Wilson

2. Corey Linsley

3. Eddie Lacy

4. C.J. Anderson

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